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Interested in piano lessons?

Music is a powerful language that accentuates our lives in countless ways, impacting our souls and leaving lasting impressions. Studying a musical instrument teaches us about process, discipline, commitment and communication.


I currently offer private in-person lessons in Calgary, Alberta.  

Song Notes


Over three decades of performing and pedagogical experience.

Piano Practice


Effective and efficient methods that focus on exploration, inquiry and autonomy. 

Female Performer


Emphasis on producing moving, energetic and convincing performances.


Focus on proper posture, warm-up, relaxation and efficiency in movement.



Imaginative demonstrations, explanations and methodologies.

Support Group


Performance coaching on topics relating to anxiety and confidence building.

CURRENT university of calgary courses

MUSI 127 (Class Piano) - Functional Approach to the Piano

MUSI 221/223 - Performance Practicum

MUSI 321/323 - Performance Practicum

MUSI 421/423 - Performance Practicum

Angelica Ng

I have had a total of three piano teachers, and while they are all unique in their own ways, one teacher, Lana Henchell, has stood out to me. Even though I have only been with her for one year, she has given me something invaluable: confidence. She has instilled in me more confidence in my musical abilities than any other piano teacher has done before. When I went into my examination after spending a year with her developing my piano skills, I sat in the waiting room and felt, for the first time, ready and excited to demonstrate all that I have learned to the examiner. Lana has made me realize the pleasure and joy that can be found in music. She has taught me that playing music is not simply about hitting the right notes in the right way, but feeling and embracing the emotions embedded within each piece of music. She has helped me to uncover the beauty of playing music, and I know that she has done, and continues to do, the exact same thing for all her students.

Dakota Perez

Dr. Henchell is an amazing teacher. She has elevated my understanding of music, playing and practicing the piano to a more mature level. In the short time that she has been my private instructor, I am able to hear progress in my passion for performance and it is very rewarding to have a teacher who will be able to push me that much further into success and a balanced mindset for the sake of creating music. I cannot wait to see how much more she has to teach me.

Kevin Kahlert

Lana is a talented piano teacher who is also a skilled performer. She has taught me for many years and is a very detailed instructor. Lana always knows what to do to make me a better pianist, so that I can play my best whether in an exam or in front of an audience. I have enjoyed being her student and would recommend her to others.

Chanel Fu

Lana is one of the kindest teachers I've had, but she would also always push me to improve myself, be it with my piano performance or my work ethic. Studying with her was one of the most beneficial decisions for my life moving forward.

Xinchen (Carrie) Rong

Lana's approach to piano playing is so unique in that she works with you individually to understand the music, and teaches you how to really bring the notes on the page to life. Her lessons focus not only on the technical and physical aspects of playing, but on developing the ability to express the composers' intentions through listening to harmonies and musical phrases. She uses a variety of examples to visually represent ideas. She demonstrates these concepts with so much passion and vivacity, that it's hard not to get swept along in the music with her. 

I have learned about how to properly warm up, practice, learn, and memorize pieces with her guidance and patience––she has something for everyone, regardless of age, experience or talent. By attending her frequent masterclasses and being encouraged to make peer critiques and listen to recordings, I have become a wholesome musician who is confident in my own skills, in addition to being able to appreciate other artists' works. Her numerous technique exercises and teaching methods have improved my playing so much that it is unrecognizable from a few years ago. She will take a personal stake in your success and dedicate her own time and effort to supporting you both musically and as a person. She is the sole reason I am now studying music at McGill University, and why music has become one of the greatest joys in my life.

Parris Zhu

Lana is one of the most inspiring teachers I have ever met. She has encouraged me to pursue my passion for music! Her knowledge and expertise have incredibly helped me grow in many ways!

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